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💗Heart Conchas for Your Corazoncito💗!

A helpful Valentine's Day gift guide for that special someone in your life. 💗

Valentine's Day can be a stressful holiday. Whether you're in a committed relationship, situationship, or single, finding the perfect gift for your person can be stressful!

Not to worry! At Alebrijes Bakery, we've come up with the recipe for the perfect Valentine's Day Gift:

  1. Start with 1 cup of thoughtfulness. - We hate to start off with a cliché, but it's true! It's the thought that counts. When you put extra thought behind the gift you're setting yourself up for success. Think back to their favorite song, what they like to be called, their favorite color, or their favorite pan dulce. Finding ways to incorporate these specific details will show them that you were listening, that you care, and that they're important to you!

  2. Add 2 cups of creativity. - Yes, flowers and chocolates are nice; everyone and their mom thinks so. That's because everyone and their moms receive the same gift every year. 🙄 The key to making a lasting impression is choosing a gift that stands out, something they've never received before! Hint: heart-shaped conchas or love puerquitos...

  3. Sprinkle some flavor. - Making the gift something edible is just smart. Think about it. They can always forget to wear a ring, but they'll never forget the taste of a chocolate-covered Oreja. 🤤

*Bonus points if you can make the gift Instagram-worthy! Everyone wants to be able to show off their cute Bebesota heart-shaped cookies!

Here are some of our favorite Alebrijes Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (Available for pre-order online or in limited quantities in-store on 2/14/23).

This year we put a Mexican spin on the chalky conversation heart candies! Shop Conversation Heart Polvorones in beautiful colors and with heartfelt messages like:

Bebe, Amor, Tesoro, Bebesota, Chula, Te Quiero,

You can never go wrong with a classic Concha, fluffy, sweet, and delicious. Shop our heart-shaped conchas in red and pink while supplies last!

Who doesn't love a puerquito?! They are so cute with their little ears, snout, and tail. Our Love Puerquitos even have a red or pink heart in the center, perfect for Valentine's Day. *Alebrijes Bakery is not responsible for any consequences that may result from you calling someone your puerquito. 😅

For those with a sweeter tooth than most, we also have Valentine Orejas; they are regular crispy delicious Orejas dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with hearts.🤗

At Alebrijes Bakery, we bake all our Valentine's Day Pan Dulce with love and care! Make sure to place your pre-order online or stop by to pick up yours! And because we like you so much, we'll leave you with this fail-proof pick-up line 😉:

"You're the pan dulce to my cafecito."

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